Our Commitment

Commit to a responsible transportation policy

Choosing multimodality with VIIA means committing to a responsible transportation strategy and minimizing your impact on the environment. Road transport emits nearly one kilo of CO2 per kilometre travelled, but opting to transport your goods by train with VIIA reduces the greenhouse gas emissions by over 94%, and also helps to reduce road congestion and accidents.


VIIA is conscious of today’s environmental challenges. In keeping with our mission and strategy, and with the goal of setting an example for others and contributing to the ecological transition, VIIA has chosen to position itself as a pioneering transporter by controlling its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and becoming the first carbon-neutral long-distance land transport company by 2020.

Reducing emissions

At VIIA, a number of initiatives are launched each year to reduce emissions.

This programme includes measures ranging from implementing a sustainable purchasing strategy, to conducting studies on using alternative energies and new energy-efficient technologies on site, to extending eco-driving training to employees.

Getting to neutral as soon as possible

Conscious that these measures are an imperfect first step in an eco-responsible approach that will take several years to reach zero, VIIA has decided to offset the impact of our emissions that can’t be neutralized (residual emissions) through several projects.

To compensate for these residual emissions, we’re taking on two approaches. A local approach focused on our rail platforms and an international approach in developing countries for populations most as risk from the consequences of global warming.