Our clients are the ones who are in the best position to speak about our services. They are carriers from 18 different countries, specialised in refrigerated transport, containers, tanks, food transport, the automotive industry, powdered products, mass retail, and more. They chose VIIA multimodal transport and will tell you why.


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Having departures on weekends was a pivotal moment for us, our trucks having restricted permission to drive on French roads during weekends and national holidays as well as extended driving hours’ restriction, we could now have multiple departure options for the weekend. To this day we take full advantage of this service, even during the week.

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We’ve been using VIIA’s services since the very beginning for our trailers to and from Spain. But when it came to other transportation needs, they were able to easily find innovative solutions to meet our demands. We’ve always been pleased with their ability to quickly react and provide solutions that enable us to maintain our flexibility.

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