The Alpine Rail Motorway opens

Ouverture de l’AFA

SNCF and Trenitalia get together to create the Alpine Rail Motorway (AFA)), the first rail motorway, enabling the transport of all types of semi-trailers by train between Aiton (Chambéry) and Orbassano (Turin).


Lorry-Rail opens

Ouverture de Lorry-Rail

Launch of the rail motorway Lorry-Rail, the longest in Europe, between Bettembourg (Luxembourg) and Le Boulou (border with Spain), in partnership with the CFL.


VIIA is born

Création de VIIA

SNCF Logistics reinforces its European rail motorway network and launches the brand VIIA to manage SNCF (AFA and Lorry-Rail) rail motorway activities and develop new lines in Europe.


First long trains in Europe

Premiers trains longs en Europe

VIIA democratises the circulation of “long trains” on the rail motorway between Le Boulou and Bettembourg, and thus operates the first 850-m-long trains in Europe, a technological innovation prowess.


Crossing the Pyrenees

Franchissement des Pyrénées

VIIA successfully performs a full-scale circulation test to cross the France-Spain border. Trains carrying a load of 2,600 tonnes reach Le Boulou and Figueras through the Perthus Tunnel.


VIIA Connect BA is created


The company VIIA Connect BA takes over the operation of the Bourgneuf-Aiton rail motorway terminal near Chambéry. Its tasks include rail convoy reception, verification, and dispatch.


New record for rail motorways

Nouveau record pour les autoroutes ferroviaires

Rail motorway services pass the mark of 10 billion tonne-kilometres transported since their creation.


VIIA Connect LB is created


The company VIIA Connect LB takes over the operation of the Le Boulou rail motorway terminal near Perpignan. VIIA keeps “Connect”ing rail and roads, as well as sites dedicated to rail motorways.


VIIA Britanica opens

Ouverture de VIIA Britanica

In March 2016, VIIA launches the VIIA Britanica rail line connecting Le Boulou to the Port of Calais, which directly connects to the United Kingdom by ferry using the first RoRo Rail service in Europe.