The transport of goods by train remains little known and is often considered complex. We have compiled a list of the most frequently-asked questions to answer them here.

  • Does it really pollute less? +_faq -_faq

    Yes it does! You reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by 94% compared with road travel. Each year, we issue you a CO2 certificate as proof of the CO2 you saved thanks to train travel.

  • What are the advantages unique to rail travel? +_faq -_faq

    There are numerous advantages. Rail travel enables you to massify your flows, therefore reducing your transport costs and improving your environmental impact.

    With train travel, you may ship goods every day, including weekends and public holidays. You no longer need to anticipate road congestion.
    Finally, today, train travel is the safest way to transport hazardous materials, with a near-zero accident rate compared to road travel.

  • Is train travel expensive? +_faq -_faq

    Our business model allows you to improve your productivity. Use your tractors mainly for pre- and post-carriage, while your semi-trailers are being transported by train: this means more deliveries without investing in additional means. In that way, on the Le Boulou-Bettembourg route, you benenfit from a transport cost 10 to 15% lower than that of road-only transport.

    When using the rail motorway, you reduce your fuel and toll expenses as well as your vulnerability to fluctuations in the price of hydrocarbons. You can therefore predict your operations costs more accurately. Your semi-trailers’ service life is extended due to reduced wear and tear on tyres, for example.

  • I don’t have the right equipment. +_faq -_faq

    Not a problem, and no need to invest in specific equipment to take advantage of multimodal transport. Our innovative system to open wagons enables semi-trailers to be simply and quickly loaded onto the train using a horizontal loading method. Horizontal loading enables the transport of all types of semi-trailers: mega, with tarp, tanks, refrigerated, craneable, and non-craneable.

    Find out more about this technology by clicking here.

  • Is unaccompanied travel dangerous? +_faq -_faq

    The safety of your goods and equipment is our priority. Our terminals are equipped with safe parking. All semi-trailers are photographed as they enter and as they leave the terminals, and are closely and reliably tracked throughout the trip. This ensures traceability between the different service providers.

  • Is it slower to use the train? +_faq -_faq

    No, we offer travel times equivalent to those of road transport with two drivers, and shorter than road transport with a single driver. (for example, 24h between Calais and Le Boulou vs. 48h by road).

    Our philosophy is to do everything we can to adapt the train to the road. This is why we offer frequent trips: up to 3 round-trips per day between Le Boulou and Bettembourg, and up to 5 between Aiton and Orbassano. Our trains even operate on weekends and public holidays, during which road vehicles are prohibited from using the roads.

    Choosing rail motorways means choosing fast, flexible, and efficient service.

  • What do I do in the event of a delay or strike? +_faq -_faq

    We will notify you about strikes at least 48h ahead of time.

    Additionally, in 2016, our services had a 90% on-time rate, within a 2h margin.

    We also offer traction services so that the semi-trailers can be taken directly to their final destination.

  • I need a driver at the arrival terminal. What do I do? +_faq -_faq

    Our service, VIIA+, puts you in contact with road transporters throughout Europe through Wtransnet, the freight and truck exchange. For all international traffic flow, whether regular or occasional, your goods can be taken care of as soon as they arrive, and safely transported to their final destination.

  • If I want to go to England using the ferry, do I need to make two reservations? +_faq -_faq

    That is not necessary, as we have an integrated multimodal rail-maritime offer to make your life easier. Your semi-trailers travel by train between Le Boulou and Calais, and we transfer them onto our partner’s ferries (P&O) in charge of the trip from Calais to Dover, England. This RoRo Rail service is unique in Europe and allows you to easily use a multimodal solution for your traffic flow between Spain and the United Kingdom.

  • Is there a minimum volume required to use your services? +_faq -_faq

    Not at all, we adapt to your needs for small and large volumes, and whether the trips are regular or not. We have offers with and without long-term commitment depending on your needs.

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