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VIIA reserves the right to modify or update these General Conditions of Use at any time without prior consent of the User. The User is therefore advised to regularly refer to the latest version of the General Conditions of Use always available on the Site.


It is strongly advised to read all of these General Conditions of Use attentively before consulting the site. The purpose of these General Conditions of Use is to define the conditions for accessing and using the website at “” (hereinafter the “Site”). A User of the Site (hereinafter the “User”) is any person connecting to the Site. This Site is edited by the Company VIIA, a Simplified Joint Stock Company (SAS) with capital of €16,545,720 registered in the Commercial and Companies Register of Nanterre under SIRET number 51913448000010.

Head office

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The Site was developed by Meanings
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VIIA reserves the right to modify or update these General Conditions of Use at any time without prior consent of the User. The User is therefore advised to regularly refer to the latest version of the General Conditions of Use always available on the Site.


The purpose of the Site is to provide information and assistance regarding all of the activities, products, services, and offers of the company VIIA.


The Site can be accessed namely through a computer, phone, personal digital assistant, or nomad terminal connected to a telecommunications network according to the communications protocol used on the Internet network. The User is informed that he or she must exclusively bear the cost of accessing and navigating on the Site.

Availability of services

The Site is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except in the case of force majeure or any other event outside of VIIA’s control.

However, VIIA may decide to suspend access to all or part of the Site without prior warning to the User for technical maintenance or updates necessary to the proper functioning of the Site and related materials, or for any other reason.

VIIA is under no obligation of result regarding the technical accessibility of the Site. VIIA is by no means responsible for the interruptions or any resulting consequences.

The User is informed that VIIA may terminate or modify the services offered on the Site at any time, without prior notice, in which case the User may not take legal action against VIIA.

Legal disclaimer

To ensure the proper functioning of the Site, the User must observe some technological constraints, which are subject to change.

The User undertakes to comply with the following technical instructions to be able to access the site and use the services offered in an optimal way. He or she will refrain from performing any action which may hinder or disrupt the proper functioning or technical accessibility of the Site.
The minimum system requirements to access the Site are the following:
Screen: 328 pixels high maximum
Minimum browser requirements: IE 10+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari

The User agrees to access the Site using equipment that does not contain any viruses.

VIIA does not guarantee that the servers hosting the Site do not contain viruses or other harmful components. It is therefore the responsibility of the User to take all appropriate measures to protect his or her data and/or software programmes from contamination by any virus circulating on the Internet network.

The User accepts that VIIA can under no circumstances be held responsible for any incidental, material and/or immaterial, indirect and/or consequential damage that may result from the presence of a virus on the Site and/or from accessing or using the Site, including inaccessibility, data losses, deteriorations, destruction, or viruses which could affect the data-processing equipment of the User.

In addition, any material downloaded and/or obtained by any means while using the Site is done at the sole risk of the User. VIIA is by no means responsible for the damage and/or loss of data suffered by the User’s computer.

The Flash Player plug-in is necessary to access certain contents.


Use of the Site is strictly reserved for personal use, unless otherwise specified by VIIA. The User will namely refrain from doing any of the following in this non-exhaustive list:

  • using the Site for commercial purposes and generally offering products and services remunerating him or her directly or indirectly;
  • reselling or putting at the disposal of third parties and/or other Users any Site content, against payment and/or free of charge;
  • using the Site with a view to provide unsolicited advertisements or elements of a promotional nature by any means;
  • directly or indirectly directing Internet users, namely by means of hyperlinks, to other Internet websites that may not comply with applicable legislations or with these General Conditions of Use.

Information provided

The information published by VIIA on the Site is non-binding and provided for information purposes only, free of charge, without any obligation on the part of VIIA, which may modify them without prior notice.

VIIA makes every effort to provide information on the Site that is as accurate as possible. However, VIIA cannot be held liable for any omissions, inaccuracies or deficiencies in updates, whether they are due to it or due to third party partners that provide it with this information. The User is invited to check any information published on the site by contacting official sources.

Interactive spaces are made available to Users. However, VIIA reserves the right to delete, without prior warning, any content published on these spaces found to be in breach of applicable legislations in France, particularly the provisions related to data protection. Where appropriate, VIIA also reserves the possibility of implicating the civil and/or criminal responsibility of the User, namely in the case of racist, injurious, libellous, or pornographic content regardless of the medium used (text, pictures, etc.)

Intellectual property

In a general sense, the User will refrain from infringing the intellectual property rights (copyright, related rights, sui generis right of the database producer, trademark right, domain name, etc.) of VIIA and/or any third party.

Copyright – Related Rights – Brands – Domain Names

VIIA is the owner of all intellectual property rights over the structure and contents of the Site (text, logos, images, sound components, software programmes, icons, layout, database, etc.) or has acquired the rights allowing it to exploit the structure and content of the Site through legal means, without limitation.

VIIA grants Users the right to use the Site strictly for personal purposes, to the exclusion of any lucrative use. In the event of professional use, the User must obtain prior and express written authorisation from VIIA.

Therefore, the User may not reproduce, represent, adapt, translate, transform partially or in whole, or transfer any component of the Site, in any way whatsoever and for whatsoever purpose, without prior and express written authorisation from VIIA.

VIIA may authorise Users to download certain components, namely texts, photographs, or music. This function is at the sole discretion of VIIA, which may modify or terminate it at any time. Therefore, the User undertakes not to file a dispute against VIIA in this regard. Moreover, any improper downloading determined to have taken place may be subject to relevant proceedings on the part of VIIA and/or any third party concerned, namely in the event of intellectual property rights infringement.

The trademarks and logos on the Site have been registered by the companies that own them. Any reproduction of the names or logos by any means without prior authorisation from the owner concerned is prohibited.

Failure to respect these restrictions may constitute an act of forgery and/or unfair and parasitic competition and incur the civil and/or criminal liability of the User.


  1. With the exception of sites providing namely illegal information and/or content, and/or content that is namely of a political, religious, or pornographic nature, a User may create a hypertext link to the Site on another site. The User is invited to refer to the applicable General Conditions of Use when using these sites. Under this authorisation, however, VIIA reserves a right of opposition, and cannot be held liable regarding the information found on the sites that may be linked to this Site by a hypertext link or any other means.
  2. Conversely, hyperlinks on the Site may redirect to other Internet sites by any means. Since VIIA has no control over these sites and external sources, it cannot be held liable for making these sites and external sources available, and cannot be held liable for the content, advertisements, products, services or any other material available on or accessible from these sites or external sources. In addition, VIIA cannot be held liable for any actual or alleged damage resulting from or related to their use, or caused by having trusted the content, goods, or services available on these sites or external sources. Finally, to the extent permitted by law, VIIA cannot be held liable in the event that the contents of the aforementioned other sites violate current laws and regulations.

Personal data management

VIIA respects the privacy of the Users, and all personal information Users may transmit to the Site will be subject to the provisions of Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 on computer technology and freedom. VIIA may collect some information about Users. However, VIIA will not collect any personal data on the User aside from what the User wilfully submits.

In certain cases, VIIA may use the data gathered for professional communication.

The Communications Department of VIIA is responsible for processing this data.

Data collected on the site is sent to VIIA’s Communications Department.

Some information, denoted by an asterisk, is necessary to process User requests. Other information, which the User may optionally provide, serves to better know the Users and improve the quality of the service offered to them.

If the User fails to provide all mandatory information, VIIA will be unable to provide the information requested.

For any questions related to the functioning of the User data storage services, contact:
VIIA – Communications Department
“Espace Seine”
26 quai Charles Pasqua


Browsing the Site is likely to lead to the installation of cookie(s) on the User’s computer.

Cookies are small text files containing letters and numbers that are placed on your computer or other device. Cookies are installed when you visit a site that uses them, and can be used to keep track of the pages visited on the site in order to help you keep browsing where you left off; they also keep track of your preferences, such as language settings.

Cookies are very important to help us make online services easier to use, track how our site is being used, and improve the services we offer you.

However, the User is informed that most Internet browsers enable them to disable cookies, to receive a warning message before a cookie is copied, and to delete cookies from the hard drive. To learn more about these functionalities, the User must refer to the browser instructions.

However, if the User disables cookies or deletes them, it may alter the functioning of the Site or make it impossible to use.

The User may configure his or her computer in the following way to disable cookies:

  • In Internet Explorer: tools tab / Internet options. Click on Confidentiality and select Block all cookies. Click on OK.
  • In Google Chrome: Go to Settings. At the bottom of the page, click on Show advanced settings. In the “Privacy” section, click on Content settings and select Block sites from setting any data. Click OK to save.
  • In Firefox: Go to Settings. Select the Privacy tab. In the History section, in “Firefox will:”, select Use custom settings for history. Set Accept third-party cookies to Never. Click on OK to close the Options window.

Guarantee and indemnity

While using the website, the User undertakes to comply with current legislative provisions and regulations, the “Netiquette” guideline, and these General Conditions of Use. The User is informed that any violation of the aforementioned provisions may lead to prosecution and sanctions against him or her. In a general sense, VIIA accepts no responsibility for any use of the Site that does not comply with the General Conditions of Use and with its services.

The User agrees to diligently respond to any claim. The User has a liability toward VIIA and/or third parties in the case of any damage, material and/or immaterial, direct and/or indirect, and of any type whatsoever, caused by the User and/or his or her agents and resulting from non-compliant use. The User holds VIIA, its parent and sister companies, affiliates, employees, and partners harmless against any request, claim, demand, and/or complaint of any kind resulting from any violation of the aforementioned provisions.

The User will hold them harmless at all times and immediately upon request against any damage and/or against any demand, action, or complaint from third parties resulting from any violation of the aforementioned provisions. This guarantee includes any entitlement to damages paid, whatever their direct or indirect origin, as well as attorney fees, consultancy fees, legal fees, and tax expenses.

Miscellaneous provisions

If any provision, in whole or in part, of these General Conditions of Use is found to be invalid due to a legal or regulatory provision or as a result of a final judicial decision, it will not affect the validity of the other provisions or of any part of the provision concerned which is not voidable.

Governing law and allocation of jurisdiction.

These General Conditions of Use are subject to French law. Any possible dispute regarding the interpretation or application of these General Conditions of Use will be subject to the jurisdiction of the competent French courts.