As a family-run business, and high-performance transport service provider, Mainsped requires a company that is in line with its core values. Those values being customer satisfaction and reducing the environmental impact all the while maintaining optimal transportation of goods.

Being a client of VIIA since the very beginning, the environmental aspect of the company’s orientation has been major a priority. Mainsped has been focusing on shifting transportation of goods from road to rail as an active contribution to reducing CO2 emissions and it’s one of the many reasons that our business relationship has been able to endure for this long.


Reducing CO2 emissions while maintaining flexibility

We’ve been using VIIA’s services since the very beginning for our trailers to and from Spain. But when it came to other transportation needs, they were able to easily find innovative solutions to meet our demands. We’ve always been pleased with their ability to quickly react and provide solutions that enable us to maintain our flexibility.

Thomas BANSE
CEO Mainsped

It’s quite often that Mainsped needs to transport containers. Even though VIIA also offers pure container transport, Mainsped wished to be flexible in order to pick-up both trailer and container with their trucks.

Our unique solution bought to us by Lohr provides wagons which enable our clients to transport containers on their own chassis as well. In this particular situation we can treat the units like trailers or tank trailer.

By being able to take their goods instantly without having to transfer the container onto another platform we’re able to facilitate Mainsped all the while being cost effective, more environment friendly and above all optimize the logistics chain.

  • Providing the option to utilize chassis for optimal transportation of goods so that they may save time and leave the terminal with the container as soon as possible. This technique was very beneficial to them and assured smooth transition of the containers from the trucks to the client without any additional technical steps hindering their productivity.
  • Bring a solution that is in alignment with Mainspeds core values may it be from an environmental stand point or the ability to quickly react and adapt to different situations.