It is undeniable that rail freight is the most eco-friendly means of transport.

But what does it mean exactly in numbers?

Not everybody knows that Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG) per tonne-km is on average:

  • In case of rail transport: 1.99 g of CO2 per tonne-km in France* (17.4 g of CO2 / tonne-km in Europe)
  • In case of road transport: 46.9 g of CO2 per tonne-km**


So, taking the example of one of our rail motorways from Le Boulou to Calais, due to rail transport 54 kg of CO2 is emitted compared to the road transport with 1263 kg (distance by rail is around 1300 km and 1200 km by road, average unit weight 23T).

Therefore, by transporting one trailer by rail instead of by road, we save 1209 kg of CO2!

And one train can transport up to 38 trailers and more than 48T of CO2 can be avoided!


* Source: Methodological guide CO2 information for transport services (Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, French Government 2018 Version)

** Calculation made using the French Methodological guide using the consumption rate of Semi-trailer Truck – Miscellaneous goods/long-distance.