The Covid-19 outbreak is impacting our lives in all their personal and professional components.

The general containment implemented in France by Emmanuel Macron to limit the spread of the virus and enable our healthcare system to withstand the rapid growth in the number of hospitalized patients, demonstrates how much everyone’s involvement and seriousness are indispensable in dealing with this crisis.

At VIIA, over and above our individual responsibilities, which are reflected in strict compliance with barrier gestures and containment measures, there is a collective responsibility to ensure our share of the circulation of goods that are essential to the functioning of our society. This translates into the supply of health professionals, the food sector, but also the complex industrial fabric whose overall functioning allows us to maintain the production of everything that is directly or indirectly necessary to us.

The trains we run can carry fruit, vegetables and all kinds of foodstuffs to French and European supermarkets. We also transport raw materials used in the manufacture of masks, syringes and medical bags, as well as serums and medicines. The list is endless of products that are indispensable both in normal times and in this period of crisis.

We are pleased to be able to make our contribution during this very complicated period.

A big thank you to our teams and those of Fret SNCF, SNCF Réseau, AMBROGIO INTERMODAL, APROPORT, CFL – Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois, M&L Transport of PA LLC who make this possible.